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I am always trying to challenge my students in different ways to not only make it more enjoyable but more physically challenging. If students can learn to push their bodies more than their limit, they will find themselves feeling more successful and stronger. I found myself on Twitter looking at different activities, where I saw an activity which involved hula hoops and beanbags. The activity had more of a relay style but with a fitness component. When I did this activity with my students, I thought, “How can I use the same equipment, but turn this activity into something different which will make it more challenging and fun for the students?” This is when I came up with the Four square Hula Hoop activity.

Equipment Used:

Four Square Hula Hoop: Setup & Instructions

Students will get in a group of 4. Each student will have a hula hoop and a bean bag. Set up the hula hoops in the shape of a square, and have one bean bag in each hula hoop. On your “GO” signal, students will be in the push-up position, with their hands behind their hula hoop trying to toss bean bag(s) into the other three hula hoops. When you give the “STOP” signal, students will see how many bean bags they have in their hula hoop. Each bean bag represents a point. The object of the activity is to have the fewest amount of points at the end of each round.

When the bags are being tossed out of the hoops, you can have the student that tossed the bag out of the ring go return it.


  • Have students start in different positions (standing, plank, crab, one foot, knees)
  • Use different equipment: (scarves, critters, dice, reaction balls)
  • Have multiple pieces of equipment to start the activity
  • Team up students with the person next to them
  • Have partners in the same hula hoop (this would require 8 students per square)

Students loved this activity! It works on teamwork, fitness, spatial awareness, and underhand throwing skills. It’s a competitive activity but enjoyable, where the students don’t realize how much work/energy they are doing until they are done. Activities where you can have students multi-task or work on multiple skills help them grow as a learners and as individuals.



four square hula hoopAbout the Author:

Kash Aleem attended the University of Texas and received his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Kinesiology. He has been teaching Physical Education for 9 years. In 2014, he was a CATCH Champion for the state of Texas. His school in 2014-15 was recognized as a National Exemplary School for Physical Education from TAHPERD. Kash has been nominated for Teacher of the Year twice, and most recently was inducted as a lifetime PTA member. He currently opened a new school this year called Maydell Jenks Elementary. Kash strives to help his students be physically literate, accumulate health knowledge, and learn the skills needed to be successful. He wants his students to feel confident when they go in the real world that they can try any sport/health related activity.

Follow Kash Aleem on Twitter @physedmanrising and Facebook at Jenks Physical Education.

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