October 20, 2017 @ Mulholland Middle School

Sunny Brae students had so much fun with pizza and robots! Thanks to all the parents for bringing their kids to Mulholland Middle School last Friday, October 20. Thanks to the teachers who came to show their support: Ms. Gallon, Ms. Leparulo, and Mr. Grimaud. With all your support (and all those boxes of pizza), the students were inspired to redesign their robots which made it possible for them to move up from 11th place during the competition to 6th place at the end of the competition. We’ll be back in November and we need more pledges of support (the kids really love pizza!).

Bots & Pieces – October 20, 2017 by Slidely Slideshow


October 6, 2017 @ Mulholland Middle School

Bots & Pieces – October 6, 2017 by Slidely Slideshow

September 8, 2017 @ Mulholland Middle School

Sunny Brae has a New Robotics club!

Sunny Brae has a new after school Robotics club called Bots and Pieces (thank you Mr. Schechter for the naming the club!).


Students have already started building the Vex robot. We will then learn how to program this robot so we can be ready for our first robotics competition on September at Mulholland Middle School.

Middle School VEX IQ Robotics League at Mulholland MS