Adjunct Duties and Committees




Grade Level Chairs / Instructional Leadership Team (ILT)

  • ETK / TK / Kinder: Cheryl Gallon
  • First Grade: Jan Cohen
  • Second Grade: Laura Leparulo
  • Third Grade: Kathryn Rosas
  • Fourth Grade: Terri Ortiz
  • Fifth Grade: Alma Lopez
  • Special Ed: Sarah Appel


  • Photographs events, posts pictures and provides pictures for the school website and yearbook
  • Coordinates photographic events with the selected company including Fall pictures, Spring pictures, 5th grade panorama, etc.
  • cretaes the school’s yearbook
    • Walter Malinis

PE Equipment and Ball Box

  • Maintains inventory; Orders equipment; Provides equipment for classrooms; Trains students to run the ball box during recess and lunch
    • Christopher Higgins
    • Liann Wang


PTA Liaison

  • Actively participates in PTA meetings; Keeps staff informed and engaged in PTA activities throughout the year; Participates in and recruits assistance for PTA events
    • Patrick Grimaud
    • Diane Malinis
    • Dana Yaghnam

Robotics Coaches

  • Actively teach in a fun environment robotics with actual robots with 4th and 5th grade students after school at a designated time
  • To be available to assist a team of 4th and 5th grade students to compete at Mulholland Middle School in 5 after school competitions
    • S. Gordon
    • F. Reyes

Star Student of the Month

  • Maintains monthly pictures and bulletin boards
    • Nina Bentson

Student Council

  • Supervises and monitors student government; Coordinates activities; Sells treats / notes for holidays
    • Alama Lopez
    • Erin Saporta


Student Newspaper and Newspaper

  • Supervises and monitors a groups of students who create a newspaper about school activities for our community

Technology Representative

  • Coordinates with the technology assistant to ensure that all technology needs are addressed and equipment is ready when needed for presentations


  • Maintains the school’s website and other social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  Pinterest) for teachers, parents, & other stakeholders
    • F. Reyes


Yearbook / School picture Liaison

  • Coordinate photo events with selected company
    • Fall pictures
    • Spring pictures
    • 5th grade panorama pictures
    • Create yearbook
      • Marisol Lopez
      • Norma Moreno
      • Denise Murphy




Sunny Brae Avenue Elementary School Leadership Council

  • principal, chapter  chair, 5 teachers, 4 parents / Community representatives, 1 classified representative
  • elected positions
  • oversees professional development, master scheduling, school equipment, and student body expenditures
    • Olivia Minjares, principal
    • Terri Ortiz, UTLA chapter chair
    • Alma Andersson, teacher
    • Sarah Appel, teacher
    • Jan Auberg , teacher
    • Nina Bentson, teacher
    • Marcela Mattos, teacher
    •  , parent
    •  , parent
    •  , parent
    •  , parent
    •  , classified representative

Global Awareness Magnet Leadership Council

  • 1 will represent the Magnet on the Leadership Council
  • 1 alternate posiiton
    • Nina Bentson
    • Kathryn Rosas




  • elected positions
  • monitors and oversees budget expenditures for categorical programs

School Site Council Officers

Vice Chairperson

School Site Council Members

  • Olivia Minjares, principal
  • Sarah Appel, teacher
  • Erin Donnan, teacher
  • Patrick Grimaud, teacher
  •     , classified
  •     , parent
  •     , parent
  •     , parent
  •     , parent
  •     , parent

Student Support and Progress team (SSPT)

  • meets and participates in weekly SSPT meetings to address individual student needs in the areas of learning issues, language struggles  (LAT), and behavior difficulties
    • SSPT  Coordinator: Jan Auberg
    • Intervention Coordinator: Shannon Gordon
    • TSP Adviser: Fernando Reyes
    • Sandy Houston
    • Marilyn Loebs
    • Pat Riley

 Grade Level Chairs / Instructional Leadership Team (ILT)

  • assists in building a Professional Learning Community withing the grade level
  • encourages planning, data analysis, sharing of student samples, coordination of activities / events, and focuses on raising student achievement for all students
  • participates in ILT meetings an disseminates  information
  • monitors and distributes garde level resources
    • ETK / TK / Kindergarten: Cheryl Gallon
    • First Grade: Marisa Carpentieri
    • Second Grade: Pat Riley
    • Third Grade: Trinidad Hernandez
    • Fourth grade: Terri Ortiz
    • Fifth Grade: laura Leparulo
    • Others: Sarah Appel



  • Implements and updates School Safety Plan
  • Monitors safety supplies and classroom backpacks
  • Disseminates safety information
  • Schedules and coordinates monthly drills
  • Addresses items of concern to school safety
    • Chair: Christopher Higgins
    • Vice Chair: Fernando Reyes
    • Sarah Appel
    • Nina Bentson
    • Jan Cohen
    • Diane Malinis


  • Plans and coordinates Sunny Brae Shine Days twice a year
  • Monitors the school gardens and assigns garden plots
  • Cleans and improves the staff lounge including refrigerator and microwave
  • Beautifies the staff restrooms
  • Places and arranges for watering of school plant containers
  • Assigns bulletin boards to grade levels and monitors for completion
    • Alma Andersoon
    • Erin Donnan
    • Walter Malinis
    • Marcella Mattos


  • Collects dues and maintains budget
  • Coordinates monthly treats
  • Provides staff meeting treats
  • Plans staff celebrations
  • Coordinates the holiday party
    • Cheryl Gallon
    • Marilyn Loebs
    • AC Lopez
    • Marisol Lopez
    • Terri Ortiz
    • LiannWangorangebar

  • Plans and coordinates monthly assemblies, winter holiday shows, spring international dance, read Across America Week activities, Halloween parade, and other school functions and events
    • Shannon Gordon
    • Alma Andersson
    • Trinidad Hernandez
    • Sandy Houston
    • Laura Leparulo
    • Pat Riley
    • Kathy Rosas
    • Erin Saporta
    • Patrick Grimaud – PTA Events



  • Creates and implements a plan to promote positive behavior including Behavior Fairs, monthly character trait selection and recognition, and end-of-the-year recognition and assembly
  • Creates and maintains a  bulletin board in the office to promote the monthly character trait and recognize students for positive behavior
    • Chair: Denise Murphy
    • Jan Auberg
    • Dana Yaghnam



  • Incident Commander: Olivia Minjares / Admin Designee
  • Public Information Officer: Karen Danforth
  • Safety Coordinator
  • Search & Rescue Team Leader: Christopher Higgins

Search and Rescue Team #1

Search and Rescue Team #2

Search and Rescue Team #3

Search and Rescue Team #4

Assembly Area

Request Gate (Arminta Street between Room 6-8)

Reunion Gate (Arminta Street between Rooms 1 & 3)

First Aid Medical Team

Psychological First Aid

  • School Nurse
  • Admin if available
  • Itinerants