Adjunct Duties and Committees





  • Photographs events, posts pictures and provides pictures for the school website and yearbook
  • Coordinates photographic events with the selected company including Fall pictures, Spring pictures, 5th grade panorama, etc.
  • cretaes the school’s yearbook
    • R. Schechter


PE Equipment and Ball Box

  • Maintains inventory; Orders equipment; Provides equipment for classrooms; Trains students to run the ball box during recess and lunch
    • Erin Donnan
    • Walter Malinis


PTA Liaison

  • Actively participates in PTA meetings; Keeps staff informed and engaged in PTA activities throughout the year; Participates in and recruits assistance for PTA events
    • Alma Andersson
    • Nina Bentson
    • Laura Leparulo
    • Norma Moreno

Robotics Coaches

  • Actively teach in a fun environment robotics with actual robots with 4th and 5th grade students after school at a designated time
  • To be available to assist a team of 4th and 5th grade students to compete at Mulholland Middle School in 5 after school competitions
    • S. Gordon
    • F. Reyes

Star Student of the Month

  • Maintains monthly pictures and bulletin boards
    • Nina Bentson

Student Council

  • Supervises and monitors student government; Coordinates activities; Sells treats / notes for holidays
    • Christopher Higgins
    • Denise Murphy


Student Newspaper and Newspaper

  • Supervises and monitors a groups of students who create a newspaper about school activities for our community

Technology Representative

  • Coordinates with the technology assistant to ensure that all technology needs are addressed and equipment is ready when needed for presentations


  • Maintains the school’s website and other social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  Pinterest) for teachers, parents, & other stakeholders
    • F. Reyes


Yearbook / School picture Liaison

  • Coordinate photo events with selected company
    • Fall pictures
    • Spring pictures
    • 5th grade panorama pictures
    • Create yearbook
      • Marilyn Loebs
      • Marisol Lopez
      • Victoria Romero




Sunny Brae Avenue Elementary School Leadership Council

  • principal, chapter  chair, 5 teachers, 4 parents / Community representatives, 1 classified representative
  • elected positions
  • oversees professional development, master scheduling, school equipment, and student body expenditures
    • Olivia Minjares, principal
    • Terri Ortiz, UTLA chapter chair
    • Jan Auberg , teacher
    • Cheryl Gallon, teacher
    • Sandy Houston , teacher
    • Marcela Mattos, teacher
    •  , parent
    •  , parent
    •  , parent
    •  , parent
    •  , classified representative

Global Awareness Magnet Leadership Council

  • 1 will represent the Magnet on the Leadership Council
  • 1 alternate posiiton




  • elected positions
  • monitors and oversees budget expenditures for categorical programs

School Site Council Officers

Luis Mijangos Chairperson
Thawit Sangarotai Vice Chairperson
Jan Cohen Secretary
Sarah Appel Parliamentarian

School Site Council Members

Navit Arredondo Parent
Mindy Brown Teacher
Rosalina Galvan Parent
Olivia Minjares Principal
Patricia Quiroz Parent
Carmen Ramirez Parent

Student Support and Progress team (SSPT)

  • meets and participates in weekly SSPT meetings to address individual student needs in the areas of learning issues, language struggles  (LAT), and behavior difficulties
    • SSPT  Coordinator: Jan Auberg
    • Intervention Coordinator: Shannon Gordon
    • TSP Adviser: Fernando Reyes
    • Sandy Houston
    • Pat Riley

 Grade Level Chairs / Instructional Leadership Team (ILT)

  • assists in building a Professional Learning Community withing the grade level
  • encourages planning, data analysis, sharing of student samples, coordination of activities / events, and focuses on raising student achievement for all students
  • participates in ILT meetings an disseminates  information
  • monitors and distributes garde level resources
    • ETK / TK / Kindergarten: Cheryl Gallon
    • First Grade: Marisa Carpentieri
    • Second Grade: Pat Riley
    • Third Grade: Trinidad Hernandez
    • Fourth grade: Terri Ortiz
    • Fifth Grade: laura Leparulo
    • Others: Sarah Appel



  • Implements and updates School Safety Plan
  • Monitors safety supplies and classroom backpacks
  • Disseminates safety information
  • Schedules and coordinates monthly drills
  • Addresses items of concern to school safety
    • Chair: Robert Schechter
    • Vice Chair: Christopher Higgins
    • Sarah Appel
    • Denise Murphy
    • Fernando Reyes
    • Walter Malinis



  • Plans and coordinates Sunny Brae Shine Days twice a year
  • Monitors the school gardens and assigns garden plots
  • Cleans and improves the staff lounge including refrigerator and microwave
  • Beautifies the staff restrooms
  • Places and arranges for watering of school plant containers
  • Assigns bulletin boards to grade levels and monitors for completion
    • Mindy Brown
    • Patrick Grimaud
    • Diane Malinis
    • Marcella Mattos



  • Collects dues and maintains budget
  • Coordinates monthly treats
  • Provides staff meeting treats
  • Plans staff celebrations
  • Coordinates the holiday party
    • Jan Cohen
    • Marisol Lopez
    • Norma Moreno
    • Terri Ortiz
    • Vicki Romero



  • Plans and coordinates monthly assemblies, winter holiday shows, spring international dance, read Across America Week activities, Halloween parade, and other school functions and events
    • Alma Andersson
    • Jan Auberg
    • Marissa Carpentieri
    • Erin Donnan
    • Trinidad Hernandez
    • Sandy Houston
    • Laura Leparulo
    • Pat Riley
    • Kathy Rosas



  • Creates and implements a plan to promote positive behavior including Behavior Fairs, monthly character trait selection and recognition, and end-of-the-year recognition and assembly
  • Creates and maintains a  bulletin board in the office to promote the monthly character trait and recognize students for positive behavior
    • Chair: Marilyn Loebs
    • Cheryl Gallon
    • Shannon Gordon




  • Incident Commander: Olivia Minjares / Admin Designee
  • Public Information Officer: Karen Danforth
  • Safety Coordinator: Robert Schechter
  • Search & Rescue Team Leader: Christopher Higgins

Search and Rescue Team #1

Search and Rescue Team #2

Search and Rescue Team #3

Search and Rescue Team #4

Assembly Area

Request Gate (Arminta Street between Room 6-8)

Reunion Gate (Arminta Street between Rooms 1 & 3)

First Aid Medical Team

Psychological First Aid

  • School Nurse
  • Admin if available
  • Itinerants