Before School Academic and Enrichment Program: 

“Ready-Set-Go!” is the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Before School Academic and Enrichment Program.  Funded through a California State Grant, the Before and After School Education and Safety Program, and the 21st Century Community Learning Centers federal grant.  “Ready-Set-Go!” has been developed to meet the academic and supervision needs of many elementary children during the critical period before school begins. There is no charge for participating in this program.

As many parents find it increasingly difficult to find a safe and supervised place for their children in the before school hours, “Ready-Set-Go!” is available at selected schools.  Long commutes, early morning scheduled work hours, and continuing education commitments, all impact the ability of parents and guardians to provide adequate supervision for their children.  As a result, starting the school day becomes an anxiety-ridden and hectic event for young children.  “Ready-Set-Go!” endeavors to provide a safe environment, ensure children are ready for the school day, engage them in meaningful and fun learning activities, provide breakfast and involve them in some light recreational games and activities, all at no cost to families.

Beginning approximately 90 minutes before the school instructional day starts, “Ready-Set-Go!” students follow the schedule below:  (The program may vary at individual school sites to better support the mission and goals of the school.)

R E A D Y…

(first 30 minutes)

S E T…

(middle 60 minutes)

G O…

(last 30 minutes)

  • Sign-in
  • Get students READY for school
  • Check Homework
  • Engage in Independent Learning Activities (silent reading, journal writing)
  • Read Aloud
  • SET the Purpose for Learning with Group Learning Games & Enrichment Activities
  • Involve Students in Interesting Learning Concepts with a Focus on Literacy, Math & Science.
  • Participate in Federal Breakfast Program (based on qualification)
  • Learn about Health & Nutrition
  • Take Part in Group and Individual Recreational Activities
  • GO to Class

“Ready-Set-Go!” is provided free to students and their families.  A maximum of 80 students may be enrolled per school and daily attendance is a requirement.  A Ready-Set-Go! trained employee is assigned for each 20 students participating.  Parents and guardians can bring their children each morning as early as 90 minutes prior to the instructional day and personally sign-in their children at the registration area *.  Parents/guardians must sign an enrollment form to have their child(ren) participate in the program.  Students may attend only during their regular (on-track) calendar days.  Off-track, and Pupil-Free-Day attendance will not be available.  “Ready-Set-Go!” does not operate on holidays or during vacation periods.

* Parents/Guardians may designate a pre-authorized list of adults, 18 years of age or older, to sign-in their child(ren).


L.A.’s Best

After School Enrichment: 

LA’s BEST was created in 1988 by Mayor Tom Bradley to address an alarming rise in the lack of adequate adult supervision of children during the critical hours between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. We serve over 25,000 kids at 193 elementary school sites in Los Angeles in neighborhoods most vulnerable to gangs, drugs, crime and at schools with the lowest student test scores.

Our Mission

The mission of LA’s BEST is to provide a safe and supervised after school education, enrichment and recreation program for children ages 5 to 12 in the City of Los Angeles.

Our Vision

All children need a safe place to be after school with caring, responsible adults and engaging activities that connect each child to his/her school, family and community.

Our Values

1. Nothing we do is as important as the effect it has on a child.

2. Engaging activities develop values, skills and relationships. Activities are not seen as ends in themselves, but as vehicles for creating values, building skills and solidifying peer and adult relationships. An engaging activity is one that holds children’s attention, awakens their imagination, and inspires them to want to learn more.

3. All children have equal rights to be accepted, respected and valued by others. Children are viewed as individuals to be developed, not problems to be solved.

4. Children should be involved in decision-making and program design. If children get to choose how, when, in what and with whom to be engaged, they are far more likely to enjoy themselves and behave cooperatively.

5. When we listen for understanding everyone learns—children and adults alike. We are constantly able to learn from our children as well as each other. Everyone is a learner.


Youth Services (Y.S.)

After School Playground Program

It is our firm belief that very child has a need and right to participate, in the presence of a responsible, caring adult, in engaging activities that support achievement and promote social, emotional , and physical development beyond the regular school day.  Beyond the Bell ensures that all children and in the Los Angeles Unified School District have access to high quality, safe, and supervised education, enrichment, and recreation programs that engage and inspire learning.

Since the early 1900’s, Youth Services has provided a safe place for students during the critical hours after school at no cost to families.  Historically, the program has provided supervision of organized games and activities in a recreational setting for those students who drop-in to the program.  The Beyond the Bell – Youth Services program is a permissive program.  Students sign-in and leave the program by their own volition.  Children are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and may lose the opportunity to participate if their behavior is disruptive.

Youth Services currently operates after school playground programs at over 600 elementary, middle and high schools and serves over 42,000 children daily.  The goals of the program are to provide wholesome, supervised enrichment, fitness, and other sport activities in safe neighborhood environments.  The program emphasizes physical fitness that develops basic movement skills, strong and healthy bodies, teamwork, sportsmanship, cooperative social skills and activities that reinforce the skills learned in the regular instructional program.  The tenets and teaching model of the national CHARACTER COUNTS program is implemented to instill and reinforce the back-to-basics effort to build good character in our youth.   Additionally, the Youth Services program provides nutrition, fitness and enrichment activities that best meet the needs of the participants including targeted populations of foster youth, low income and English learners. The organized activities promote good-health and self-esteem.  Importance is placed on teaching youth to make informed decisions on healthy food options and to engage in daily moderate to vigorous physical activity.

A daily “homework time” is scheduled on each Youth Services After School Program site.  Students are provided a designated area and time (often the last hour of the program) to work on their homework.  Staff will help students to stay on task and ensure the homework is available for parents and guardians to check and review with their children.

Staff is trained in restorative justice techniques to assist students in resolving conflicts and to provide students strategies they can use to foster positive peer relationships.

The elementary school program is available for elementary school students in grades second through fifth/sixth.  The middle school program is provided for student in grades sixth through eighth.  Students must be able to participate independently in an environment of general supervision.  They need to be able to arrive and leave the program at their own discretion and with direction provided from their parent/guardian.  The student/participant must live in the residential area or attend another LAUSD school, i.e. magnet students, etc.  Note:  Independent charter and private school students are not eligible.

The Youth Services After School Program operates on school days from school dismissal until 6:00 p.m.  Parents and guardians must arrange ahead of time for how their child will be reunited with them at the conclusion of the program.  Any child not picked-up or allowed to walk home on their own prior to the conclusion of the program is considered “unattended” and supervising personnel will begin “late child” procedures.  If attempts to reunite the child with an authorized adult fail, supervising personnel will contact the Local Law Enforcement Agency for assistance and to take custody of the child.  Failure to consistently arrange for appropriate supervision of your child by the conclusion of the program will result in the student losing the privilege of participating in the program.

In order for a student to be approved to participate, the “Before and After-School Program Application/Agreement” must be completed and returned to the Beyond the Bell – Youth Services staff member on site.

For emergency purposes, parents/guardians are required to complete and maintain up-to-date telephone numbers and contact information.