The Content Integrated Unit Performance Tasks are grounded in the principles of project based learning and incorporate the opportunity for teachers to evaluate the summative growth of a student in the strands of ELA-speaking and listening, reading, writing, language standards, content standards in History/Social Science, and Science. The instructional Units:
  • Are based on an inquiry model.
  • Students to actively collaborate
  • Culminate with a final group project and presentation
  • Incorporate the ELA, Science, and History/Social Science Standards
  • Take approximately 4 weeks of instruction


  • The following are Public service Announcements (PSA) created by the students of Ms. Hernandez, Ms. Murphy, and Mr. Reyes.
  • These were created during the integrated unit (English Language Arts, mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Engineering, and Technology).
  • These are products of project based learning on the history of the Los Angeles River.

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