Third Grade Integrated Unit

The Content Integrated Unit Performance Tasks are grounded in the principles of project based learning and incorporate the opportunity for teachers to evaluate the summative growth of a student in the strands of ELA-speaking and listening, reading, writing, language standards, content standards in History/Social Science, and Science. The instructional Units:
  • Are based on an inquiry model.
  • Students to actively collaborate
  • Culminate with a final group project and presentation
  • Incorporate the ELA, Science, and History/Social Science Standards
  • Take approximately 4 weeks of instruction


  • The following are Public service Announcements (PSA) created by the students of Ms. Hernandez, Ms. Murphy, and Mr. Reyes.
  • These were created during the integrated unit (English Language Arts, mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Engineering, and Technology).
  • These are products of project based learning on the history of the Los Angeles River.