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    • Arts Attack: (from its website) “The goal of the program is to teach every child how to express himself/herself through art. This demands that the students learn to see and experience the world in a different way. The language of art, like the language of words, requires the learning of skills and concepts that will allow the free flow of expression.  The goals of ARTS ATTACK are to teach the elements and principles of art and drawing in a developmental and sequential way, as well as to study the art of other artists, cultures and historical periods. In all areas of study, the emphasis is on motivation and self-expression. Recognizing that children learn what they are excited about, the subjects of the ARTS ATTACK lessons have been selected through years of working with students in the classroom. The focus of the hands-on lessons is on the process of visualizing, synthesizing and expressing through a wide variety of media. A unique strength of this program is that it has been created not in theory but in practice in classrooms with the help of dozens of teachers and thousands of students.

    • Arts Edge: Created by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, ARTSEDGE provides resources and examples for teachers to teach in, through and about the arts. The site includes lesson plans, advocacy and professional development resources, and up-to-date information on arts programs from around the world.
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    • Music K8: purchase your music for school performance
    • Seaquence is an engaging online musical activity that lets students experiment with rhythm, duration, pitch (you can even create chords), and timbre to create short musical compositions. Seaquence is visually interesting as well. Each musical element takes a stylized biological form. Imagine melodious flat worms.In addition, Seaquence is a social music project so students can publish and share their animated compositions via native sequencer and synthesizer tools. The Seaquence Demo will give you an idea of what can be done.
    • The Music Instinct: Science and Song is a PBS website that investigates the fundamental physical structure and biological, emotional, and psychological impact of music.
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